Taiwan Connectors Manufacturer/OEM/ODM Injection

C&J Connectors established in the 80's, with well experienced skilled team outputting reliable quality. C&J Connectors provides OEM/ODM injection, stamping, and auto assembling.

Plastic Mold Design/
ODM Injection

We can takeover existing molds for production, or make new molds from scratch.

OEM Injection

We use Japanese All-Electric Type Injection Molding Machines to reduce cycle time effectively and increase the reliability of outputting.

Trail Production
Samples for Approving

Provide full FAI report, Certification of the Raw Material. After the samples have passed the approval progressing, we launch mass production

Batch Packing
Isolation the Defectives

C&J's injection parts, not only do regular on-site inspection, we separate produced parts every 1.5 hours for packing which makes it easier to trace the parts with flaws.

Working Hours
Customers Come First

Injection team adjust their working hours based on the inquiries(23hr/day,6days/week top) to accomplish your deadline.

Based on Demand

Cut off the time-wasted boring meetings, communicate in-time, adjust the processing on customers' demand.

Quality Management

FAI Appearance&Dimension Inspection、Hourly On-Site Inspection、Random Inspection, to ensure the consistency of the productions.

Quality Control

Welled-Equipped for QC: Vernier Calipers, Microcalliper, 2.5D Vision Measuring Machine, Color Meter, and so on. We take QC Seriously.

OEM/ODM Injection Quality Management Equipment

C&J Connectors sticks to the principles, "strict quality control" is not just the slogan on the wall.

Dimension Measuring

Vernier Calipers, Microcalliper, 2.5D Vision Measuring Machine

Color Control

Color Meter

Appearance Inspection

Industrial Grade Microscope, Industrial Grade Microscope(with Monitor)


Insertion and Withdrawal Test Machine, Wave Soldering Pot, Plastic Density Tester